About us

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The amount of financial service providers is numerous. How do you find the best service provider meeting your requirements without spending precious hours on browsing financial service suppliers websites? The lack of transparency in the supply market of financial services gives us the opportunity to take out hurdles to choose the service provider which meets your requirements best.

The lack of transparency between service providers, our entrepreneurial mindset and experience in the financial field are the main drivers in our search to link the entrepreneur with the best suitable verified service providers. Our company characteristics are quality, independence, analytical skills, customer service and clear communication.

The mission statement of FinanceWise is to identify the entrepreneur's requirements and to find the verified service provider which match the required criteria best.

With a dedicated team, we focus on the screening of our verified service providers and interpreting the requests of the entrepreneurs. By doing this, we make the best possible match between the desires of the entrepreneur and the services provided by the service provider. We make sure that both parties speak the same language, both lingual as by heart. When FinanceWise has forwarded the request to the 3 best matching service providers, those service providers will provide the entrepreneur with an tailor made offer. The entrepreneur now has the information to make the final call which verified service provider has the best offer.

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