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Your requirements are the basis for our search for the most suitable accountants. Tell us which financial services you are looking for and which criteria are important to you. By filling out the request form, we will make sure we find you the 3 most suitable offers based on your requirements.

Screening financial service providers

Quality is key. Therefore the financial service companies are being thoroughly checked by FinanceWise upon becoming our verified service providers. FinanceWise performed a personal intake meeting with all of the service providers. During this personal intake FinanceWise determines quality level, expertise, work style, service level and availability. By inviting the accountants to this personal intake, FinanceWise ensures a good match of the entrepreneur's requirements and the offered services by the accountants.

Zero commitments, zero costs

No unexpected surprises. By requesting offers via FinanceWise you are not committed to anything, or anyone and our service is free of charge. We forward the offers which we have received from our verified service providers. See for yourself which of the offers provides you the right balance.

Independent matchmaking

FinanceWise is operating independent from the verified service providers. We do not encounter in quota-agreements, or other binding agreements with the service providers/accountants. All the suppliers of financial services are being treated in a similar manner. Your requirements are leading to us.

Data security and privacy

FinanceWise does not take data security and privacy lightly. We believe that your data is yours and we will only share your data with the three service providers who will make you an offer. Data security and privacy is also a topic during the intake of verified service providers.

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