Frequently asked questions

Why would you request offers via FinanceWise?

We make sure you will receive the most suitable offers meeting your request. By doing this you can keep the overview and won't get lost in the financial jungle. These offers come straight from four of our many verified financial service providers. These providers have been personally screened in order to assess which kind of services and how they provide these services. By requesting four offers you are not obliged to anything, or anyone and requesting four offers which match your company best is for free. This way we will help you to find the right balance with your financial service provider.

What's the added value of having a financial service provider?

Entrepreneurs are obliged to have an administration, reporting their taxes and filing their annual report. You can perform these activities yourself, or hire a skillful party to do this for you. Aside these activities you could also think of delegating other activities to a financial service provider like performing your salary administration and providing you with the proper consult over specific issues. A financial service provider can take care of financial matters where you're not certain of, or if you want to rather spend time on other matters. This way you can focus on where you are good at. A service provider can also help you as a sparring partner in important decisions to help you take difficult hurdles and prevent you from taking uninformed decisions.

Why do I receive multiple offiers via FinanceWise?

Based on the information you fill out on our website we will select four financial service providers which meet your requirements best. By requesting four offers, we make sure you can make a final decision based on the elimination of providers who do not meet your requirements, this makes it more efficient for both parties. You know that the providers who send you their offer really want you to be their client. You are in charge of the call which provider you choose.

What's the difference between boekhouder (bookkeeper), accountant and belastingconsulent (tax consultant)

Sometimes the terms “accountant”, “boekhouder” and “belastingconsulent” can be confusing. FinanceWise chooses to use the term financial service provider, because some services can be performed by multiple parties. It is useful to distinguish the various terms. Everyone can title themselves as bookkeeper and tax consultant, because it's a so called liberate occupation. Accountant is in comparison a registered and therefore protected title. To gain a title certain diploma's and experience is required. The term tax consultant is chosen by provider in case the provider has announced this with the tax authorities.

What does the tariff of each offer include?

Just like any other kind of service, price vary among the various providers. This variation is noticeable with the total price, the amount of free of charge additional services (assistance via phone, request of signed copies, additional work). So make sure you know what additional request cost in comparing the various providers.

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